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words that have been running through my mind that are not real words :

horreinous, shitteous, androgymultiplex.

Actually I literally just thought of the last one. It really, really means nothing unless you want it to, in which case it refers to a form of cinema verite which features androgynous performers.

Even though I'm a little bit on the tipsy side, having just had a bit to drink while out with neighbor Brett, I am pleased as punch that even in my tipsy state I am capable of seeing the difference between that which is underlined in red and that which isn't underlined in red. Firefox caters to those of us who are of the slightly tipsy sort.

Word on the street is that the Bears did not win the super bowl. The bears, and by the bears I am referring to the bears that live in this flat, were less than pleased. You can just imagine they were rooting for the Bears because they are, in fact, bears.

Brett and I went out for karaoke with Elizabeth and we had a roaring good time. This one fellow decided to sing Tool as he almost always does and naturally, a couple of songs later I came along with Cracklin' Rosie.

Oh, and people were bloody well thrilled that I sang Ride, Captain, Ride. That was before I had the vodka and red bull which apparently was my undoing. On the plus side, they used generic red bull and not the real thing. Is that a plus side? Only if you were the manufacturer of aforementioned generic red bull. I suppose we could just call it a vodka and taurine beverage.
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