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daf yomi tomorrow

I managed to convince itunes to download dafs 11-17 of taanis today. Nice. It very quickly synched up onto my ipod. I have plenty to listen to on the plane, to say the least.

I saw my grandmother today and showed her the photos of when I visited the outdoor part of the Days of our Lives set. I realized that I connected better with her talking about that when I showed her photos of the characters while I was talking about them. I referred to EJ as Stefano's son rather than by his name because I figured throwing out a name that she didn't recognize would just confuse her but calling him Stefano's son was quite okay. I noticed she was pointing to some photos of actors that were on the show in the 1980's. She was quite happy that Patch and Kayla are back, I think.

Speaking of which I have to get autographs from most of her favorites as I think it would really bring her much cheer - though not as much as if I were living back here. iy"H soon I will be.
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