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last day of new york

Went into the city and had breakfast at a place called My Most Favorite Food which was formerly My Most Favorite Dessert. I can see how they stay in business at $12 minimum order per person. Excellent food, though.

I got to see a few former coworkers of mine and their significant others. It's always nice to see people particularly when it's at Dougie's Xpress BBQ. I was never much of a meat eater when I wasn't aware of the real way to 'keep kosher' as it were but it's almost like I want it since for the most part it is inaccessible to me - in Seattle, that is. When I lived in New York I didn't have all that much meat.

I hope to be living back in New York soon. I miss it way too much. Perhaps my book will be picked up by a major publisher and great things will happen.
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