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teaneck + cafe roma - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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teaneck + cafe roma
The trip to Teaneck was pretty uneventful though it wasn't all that clear how to get to David + Janet's house. I finally called her from right around where the bus dropped me off, which was where I was instructed by not one but two yidden to get off when I told the where I was staying for Shabbos. My brethren are frequently like this - rushing to help when possible, and trying even if they don't know if it is possible.

Earlier, some Cafe Roma was enjoyed. I haven't had a slice of pizza with eggplant on it in ages. Thusfar this whole trip I have been getting a nagging feeling like I should really be living back here. Ah, one of those fun feelings.

Shabbos looks to be quite good. David and Janet's son is so incredibly adorable and 100% less sick than the last time I saw him.

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