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corrie versus eastenders

I have been watching eastenders for two days in a row now and i have noticed a couple of things - mind you I am only watching now towards the end of may but tomorrow I shall be venturing towards june of 2006.

1.On Coronation Street people use the term 'nawt' a lot but it is never used on EastEnders.
2.Similarly the expression 'awt' which of course is the antonym of nawt is used a lot in Corrie but not EastEnders.
3.Nobody on Coronation Street uses the expression "I don't give a monkey's..." but every other person on EE says it.
4.People on EastEnders talk about the North as though they were referring to, and I crap you not, a different universe.
5.Bar fights seem a lot more common on EastEnders though they seem more quickly broken up than on Corrie.

Any thoughts? Jim? Mark? People other than Jim and Mark?
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