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Busy day!

What a busy day today looks like it is going to be. Nope,no naps for me today. I'm going to be a bit too busy doing things.

Thus far I have already attended the morning classes, I had breakfast and lunch, sent off the greeting card to Mr. and Mrs. Grunhauer, and I even got tickets to go back to Cleveland to see my darling Sandra - though the duration of the trip is subject to some change, depending on when I can stay at the Grunauers. I'm quite excited about this upcoming trip. It's only been a few days but I already miss her.

Classes are going well. I love taking extensive notes, and the rabbis seem to like it when I take the notes. So together, we are happy to be in the same class, or what not.

Tonight I ought to sleep well - after a full day of doing things.

Yesterday I finished chapter Eight of the serial novel experiment. Today I go back to reading the book about procrastination. Very much fun.

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