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new shows / cancelled show

There is something that I don't understand and it's how things work when it comes to canceling shows especially when it is a matter of 'running out of money to produce the show' etc. I think if I were in charge of producing and making a show I would make sure that the sales of collectibles and other things related to the show would at least partially go into making sure the show stayed funded even if other forms of revenue dried up.


They don't ever ask the fans if a show should be cancelled. They didn't when it was Freaks & Geeks and they didn't when it was Firefly. They didn't when it was Santa Barbara and they're not doing it now with The OC. All they care about is the bloody bottom line and they can't see outside the box to fix things to keep their core fans happy.

You don't see Death Cab For Cutie or Badly Drawn Boy defecating their trousers if one album doesn't sell spectacularly. No - they brush up the shards of the broken glass and start building a new one.

Oh - I saw the funniest thing on the television news. They're warning people not to be deceived by the ads of certain weight loss products because there is no scientific proof they really work. Well I'm glad my common sense told me they didn't work.
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