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five things you didn't know about me meme

I'm not usually one for memes but I was challenged to do this by famed publisher, writer, and playwright David Boles - and how could I say no to him? Here is the original post :)

The following are five things that you (perhaps) didn't not know about me.

1.I love watching documentaries about food. Even if I wouldn't eat the food if you paid me, watching the history of the food always intrigues and interests me, especially if it's the story of a restaurant that dates back decades which is still run by the original family.

2.My grandmother played the violin with a group of pharmacists and, with her husband, owned a few pharmacies in Romania before the communists came and screwed everything up. As a result I guess you could say I'm not too keen on communism.

3.Up until about right before I moved to Seattle I was a pretty heavy smoker. I still occasionally want to yank a cigarette from random passers-by and puff but I overcome the urge.

4.Romanian was my first language. My kindergarten teacher thought I was mentally retarded because I wouldn't speak English and was only speaking in "gibberish" (Romanian, really)

5.Speaking of eating, one of my favorite things to do with ice cream is to get a pint and to have literally a teaspoon of it every day until I'm out. It's a way to work on patience issues.

I would like to tag the following five people to do this meme :

Mark, Mipplet, Monica K, Claire, and of course, Christopher, assuming you actually read this bloody journal.

happy fiscal new year 2007 BTW.
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