gordond (gordond) wrote,

in a parallel universe

this is a sketch I just imagined. it cracked me up but it is probably dumb. I'm going to expand upon this and try to shoot it sometime in the near future.

john is walking along the street, minding his own business when suddenly he slips on a patch of ice and hits his head... a little too hard.

he comes to and all seems normal but it isn't... he is soon to realize he is in a parallel universe.

he sees a friend of his, todd, who is listening to his ipod.

todd: john, are you alright?
john: yeah, i just had a little bit of a fall. what are you up to?
todd: oh, I'm just listening to that new album of number one hits by the rolling stones.
john: wow, are they ever going to retire?
todd: what are you talking about?
john: you'd think they were going to go on playing forever.
todd: I think you're thinking about the beatles. they're going to go on playing forever.
john:what? the beatles broke up in 1970! george harrison and john lennon are dead!
todd: you really did hit your head hard. don't say stuff like that out loud, people would get upset. the beatles didn't break up, you fool! it was the rolling stones that broke up in 1970. come on, you know, after keith richards left his wife for yoko ono and things started to fall apart.

indeed... a strange and unusual world where the beatles never broke up and are still releasing album after album, having just released 'the rainbow album' (as they ran out of colour choices after 'the violet album') and the two remaining members of the rolling stones keep on finding new ways to release old recordings of their albums.
Tags: parallel universe, rolling stones, the beatles

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