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Today I think I saw a real live abercrombie & fitch model. He was greeting people in a store and he was wearing a shirt that revealed his extremely muscular chest. I'm not sure what I envied more - the muscles or his not being whiter than casper the ghost as I am.

Vampire Bear and Goobie Bear both went to the bear hospital and had some work done on them. Vampire Bear now looks like he had a few too many Manwich sandwiches but he doesn't mind because it gets a bit compressed over time or so I am told - or it shifts to all the right places.

I went to the Disney Store and I saw absolutely nothing of interest. That is a first for me.

If I self-published a book would you pay more if yours was autographed? Would you pay a good lot more if your copy had a 2 page story handwritten for you in the end?

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