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So for the last couple of weeks I have been excited that Scott Kurtz of PVP fame would be here - well, in the North End only to find out that there would be no way for me to get there in time for the sketches and autographs after Shabbos. I was a bit disappointed thinking that it would be a long while before he would want to visit Seattle again. After all, I thought, he lives in Texas - do people want to leave Texas to come to Seattle?

As it turns out he is considering it and that pleases me to no end. Look at all the comments on that post. I have read a lot of them, and it reminds me of why I love living here so much.

I have to go across the street to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee because I am not sure I can face a 6:30 minyan otherwise.

Incidentally, I made a new icon. TACO TIME!!!!
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