gordond (gordond) wrote,

why is LJ's time all wrong when i update from 'post'?

Weird. It thinks it's 5:28 tomorrow. I don't even know where in the world it's 7 hours ahead of here.

I had a great fun time at the dentist today... just kidding. It was a great big bloody mess. I should spend 4 minutes brushing, the hygienist said.

All this week I have been going to a shiva minyan for shacharis. It's unbelievable the experience. It makes me feel a little bad that I am not doing more to help some members of our community who do not yet have tefillin. The rabbi said something about having a source for what he called used tefillin in Israel.

To me the idea of used tefillin is a bit weird in either of two possible ways. Either someone was niftar, in which case you would be putting on a dead man's tefillin, or someone went off the derech, in which case you have a very live person's tefillin who should be wearing it himself.

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