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as for what I did today

I had the most delightful bowl of mac 'n' cheese just now.

Today was one of those exciting days wherein I spend most of the day looking at the computer and work.

At a certain point in time I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork but instead I went ahead and did the assignment that the gentleman at the radio station asked me to do as part of the potential part time hiring process. What I did was to find five news articles using google news and rewrote them as they would be likely reported on the radio. I hope I did a good enough job to get the job at the radio station. That would be a significant positive shift in my life.

Meanwhile, I have nearly secured a filming location for my show. I'm going to be meeting with the owner of the place tomorrow evening to discuss it.

In other other news I had an idea for a film that I'm going to allow to germinate before discussing it in my journal.

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