gordond (gordond) wrote,

the script is progressing well

I'm working on the second draft of the first script of the first episode of Admiral Way which I feel would be going along much better if I knew I had a computer I could rely on actually using Final Cut on now that I have the bulk of the recording equipment I will need.

I have left my cap off for most of Shabbos since I did a horrendous job of mixing up the cement erev Shabbos and so my cap ended up falling off again. On the plus side I now have an appointment to see a new dentist on Monday morning at around 7:30. G-d willing it will be mostly covered by my insurance. Otherwise, why do I bother to pay them every month for something they refer to as "dental insurance"?

I don't have any motivation to go out and interact with other human beings so long as I look like the butt of a Jeff Foxworthy joke.
Tags: writing

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