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the spaghetti factory is old

I have been shopping around e-bay for a newish mac g5. Meanwhile I offered installment payments to a gentleman selling a mac on craig's list and he has not responded which I am assuming means he is not interested.

As it is I'm sitting on a copy of Final Cut Studio and no computer to put it on.

I didn't write this yesterday but we all went on the 21+ Underground Tour. So much of downtown Seattle is built on top of an older Seattle that basically burned down because of a massive fire. Instead of rebuilding where they were they built on top everything and thus also raised everything and solved some low sea level problems they were having. Graphic descriptions of exploding outhouses were included in the price as well as a drink at the bar. The guide was an extremely cordiable and lovely Irish woman who cracked funny quite often.

Today was great. We got to go to the Fremont troll and I took a photo of a couple with my camera so I now get to e-mail one of them with said photo.

I hesitate to mention this seeing as this is a mostly public journal but I may have crossed a kashrus line and if I did I will have to live with the consequences, whatever they may be. I know there is this thing called bishul akum but it seems really absurd that I wouldn't be able to get a plate of plain spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil and salt on it. I may have breached bishul akum. I probably did. I was just getting on my dad's nerves enough as it was and Seattle just doesn't have enough kosher restaurants - and no meat restaurants at all.

I don't have any delusions that I have even a minute share of olam habah at this point in my life. When people come to me to help them with their jewish observance (help with davening or whatever it is) I more than make a strong effort to make sure they get it right. I may as well do something right in this lifetime, right?
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