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happy visit thusfar

My father came a day early and by that I mean today. Elizabeth and I picked him up at the train station but first there was the matter of the Pink Godzilla games tournament that we had to witness in person and before that I had some tutoring to do.

I'm embarassed to admit this but I forgot so much algebra. I knew it was all up there (in the brain) but I needed a little jogging of the memory so with just about every point I asked my student to explain it to me as though I didn't know anything about it. That really helped us both a lot because I would eventually remember what we were talking about and so I'd ultimately be able to help. She said I was being way too Jewish by asking too many questions.

Later I got the okay to film in the Pegasus bookstore on Sundays. The owner of the store was really awesome about it and he seemed interested in the project.

Tonight, with my father, we went to IKEA to pick up a bed and we went to Pyramid Ale for a lovely beer drinking time. Much excitement and fun was had.

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