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I woke up about a dozen times in the middle of the night experiencing various levels of pain in my throat. At the moment, I'm slouching. That's just wrong.

Just for curiosity, but of course after I had already written out one envelope for it, I went to check the Web Site of the magazine I was going to submit my story to today. I found that the site was 404 (not found). I then did a search for the magazine and editor and found it on a list of "Dead Magazines". Many of the magazines on the list I tried out ended up being dead as well. I eventually found one which was quite alive.

He asked for a simple cover letter, so I wrote one of those bad bears too.

Have I mentioned I'm coughing like crazy and have been in bed for most of the day? And I found out I have no salt. Or rather, had none until I got some from the kitchen and someone brought me some more. Much gargling with salt water.

I will try to attend the afternoon classes, b'ezras Hashem.

On a completely unrelated note, I found out that the 2/28 Phish show that was played at the Hampton Coliseum was one of the best shows ever. If I wasn't observant, I think I pretty much would have been there. But then again, this way I save a lot of money and heck - I can get the recordings from the band now if I so desire. They're offering every show in 48 hours or less for SHN and MP3 downloading. Wowsers.

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