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real life update

So there wasn't a gong show tonight due to circumstances beyond the control of the host. Stinker.

I keep crying and welling up because my grandmother is nearly gone. She has really bad pneumonia and it's not improving. I don't know to what extent my father will follow the laws of burial but there is almost no way I would be able to go because my father is coming this next week to visit and as Jewish law has you inter the deceased within 24 hours of passing it's not possible for me to make it there, short of a financial windfall coming my way or a friendly person with a personal jet. Also part of me wants to remember her as I last saw her.

On a totally unrelated note I was at kiddush this last Shabbos and a friend of mine, Carmen asked me how I would like an X-BOX. I said of course I would like one. To shorten what could be quite a lengthy tale he gave me his old x-box and about 25 games including both Halos and Morrowind. I guess this is my opportunity to find out what Halo is like.

If you would like to pray for my grandmother her hebrew name is Chana bas Malka. Thanks in advance.

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