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Unusual dream indeed! - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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Unusual dream indeed!
I had a dream last night quite influenced by today being Tisha B'Av. I was in some strange apartment and my mother was there along with Elizabeth. My brother came over and we argued over the merit of the day itself and he told me I should crack open a few books that weren't Jewish related. The weirdest part came when the doorbell rang and it was claireh. Even weirder was that she was clad in pajamas. This would require, you would think, that I would have previously in my mind imagined what sort of pajamas Claire would wear. They were rather imaginative and colourful, yet subdued enough that one would not call them flamboyant in any respect. At some point Claire realized that she was wearing pajamas and said she should go home and change (and I thought, "That would be quite a long drive!) and she said before she went she needed love so I gave her a great big bear hug like on my bear hug t-shirt.

I walked her to the door and my brother left as well and he told me to crack open a book again as I was trying to explain the significance of the day to Claire. He kept on interrupting but then he left as well. To make matters worse (for me) after all that my mother told me I shouldn't have argued with him and sided with him as well! Pajama Claire dreams - priceless.

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claireh From: claireh Date: le 03 août 2006 21:44 (UTC) (Lien)
gordond From: gordond Date: le 03 août 2006 21:57 (UTC) (Lien)
I was almost hoping you would have had the same dream!
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