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overcoming procrastination.

So I have this huge problem - part of which involves procrastination. It's something that really bothers me a lot and something that I want to work to overcome. Yesterday, after Shabbos ended, I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book called "Overcoming Procrastination".

It's written by a real doctor with a phd so surely it's worth something. Well, the bookstore people recommended it to me. Hopefully the fact that it was in the bargain book section is not necessarily a bad thing. There have been plenty of great books in the bargain book section - like Mason & Dixon, for example.

I also went to get a can opener and a sponge with which I can clean the plates. Filled it up today, I did.

More significantly, today I wrote an entire short story (1000 words or so) which I will, G-d willing, submit tomorrow. This month, of course, is the 10th anniversary of my grandmother on my mother's side passing, so I'm writing an article about that for Go Inside magazine. As well, at least one chapter in the serial novel experiment.

I miss Sandra a whole lot.

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