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an easy fast indeed.

That actually wasn't such a bad fast. I managed to get a good amount of work done and I even got a good nap in during the day. Of course this could be why I am secretly writing this at two in the morning (I should have written it at eleven but I was busy enjoying a whole box of macaroni and cheese) and now I am enjoying the relief provided by ENO. If you don't know what ENO is you are missing out.

Eno is a bit of an antacid but it works a lot better. It is very fizzy and is a great relief especially after you overload at the punjabi buffet.

I have to rewrite some AP wire reports for 'radio broadcast' - or what would be broadcast. Anyone have any advice as to how to rewrite ap wire reports for reading on the radio? I mean besides that it should have a conversational tone. :)
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