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ain't nothing but a not nu ne ne

I have had a lack of words recently.

This is bad because I fancy myself a writer.

It's not so much a problem when I am writing about days of our lives because I'm just summarizing what's going on onscreen.

It's more when I have to summarize what happens in the days of my life.

I went to Pabla with Elizabeth, Brandon, and his roommate Koichi. We had a lovely time. I love a good punjabi brunch.

It's interesting how "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" is so applicable. Someone with a lot of friends may envy all of the free time someone with fewer friends has, whereas the fewer friends person envies the lack of lonliness the friendsfull person has.

I want to figure out how to estimate a budget for 13 half hour episodes of a no-frills no-special effects dramatic serial to be filmed in West Seattle. Somewhere along the lines of a love child of Coronation Street, EastEnders, and Days of Our Lives - with the good dramatic sense of the former and the american... existance... of DOOL. I know there's something I will be taking from it. With a conservative budget I can go to a few investors and possibly advertisers.

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