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computer in my room and back to dial-up

Well, now that I have the computer in my room and a stock of food supplies, things are starting to go even better than they were. Ah, good to have communication with the outside world outside of the unreliable phone - unreliable because I only have a few hours free time to use it and those aren't the same, necessarily, as friends free hours.

Soon enough this will start to really look like it's my own space. I have found that the smaller spaces are easier to fix up with just as much stuff as if I had it in a larger space.

Learning is going quite well. I basically have classes from morning until the evening with one break of an hour and forty-five minutes for lunch, and one break of an hour and a half for dinner. It really all ends at ten in the evening. Let's not forget, I like talking to Sandra, too, and that's usually the only time we can talk. And then, I have to get up at six thirty in the morning. The cycle then repeats... until Shabbos, of course.

I went ahead and ordered the new Zelda game the other day... with my shipping address being here. I'm still undecided on the anime series Risky Safety, though at 8 episodes per dvd you really can't go wrong - assuming it's a good show, and it looks like it is. Neon Genesis Evangelion put 25 episodes on 9 dvds... this will put the whole 24 episode series on 3 dvds. Very nice.

I was reminded today that a friend of mine from college, who is a few years younger than me - got married the other day. Wowsers. I hope that all works out with Sandra. If it doesn't, though, it won't be the end of the world. I'm aware of this. I'd just rather not have to have it happen that way. I'd rather be with her, in other words. Happily ever after, etc. I think we're good together.

Perhaps more in the evening, if time permits.

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