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i'll be waiting for a bear like you

Guess what I accomplished today workwise? Practically nought.

I'm working on reorganizing my finances so that nothing new will be charged to any credit card until they are all paid off. This means I will be living from my checking account until then and G-d willing it will not really be five years and three months - but the interest the company is proposing they will save me in that time is flabberghasting. The sooner I pay off these bad bears the better so feel free to get a free mobile phone courtesy of my last entry which was in fact a pimpage entry to the extreme. I am ashamed of doing something so horrid but I figured it might be nicer than just asking you to send me cheques.

G-d willing I will start putting a more concerted effort into writing and editing - writing new material and editing my novel so I can publish it and be seated on Oprah's couch by the end of next year. Wouldn't that be a laugh? I used to dream of appearing on Oprah but not hugging her due to Shomer Negiah issues. Past me would slap present me in the face if he saw what happened since then.

I'm determined to make a soap opera here with normal real people who are all not models like sami and ej and austin and heck, even patch and kayla.

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