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Time for another shabbos, whee! - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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Time for another shabbos, whee!
Well, another Shabbos, this one being a little on the different side - being that it will be my last one on the Upper West Side for what could be a very long time. Can you believe that my next Shabos is going to be at the Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Monsey? I'm personally agog.

This has been a fairly exciting week. In retrospect, I should have taken Sandra up on her offer to go with her and stay in Cleveland for the week - I could have done the bulk of my taxes there, I suppose... but there would have been still missing documents. Plus, there are just so many goodbyes that had to be said.

I got a ticket to see her a month from yesterday.. I can't believe I'll have to spend a whole month not seeing her. I miss her quite a bit already.

Tonight I'm having dinner at Moshe Friedman's apartment, and then tomorrow for lunch I'm going somewhere with Joe. I went to two different Starbucks today with Joe - got a new card so I wouldn't still be using and refilling the card that I got with the ex-fiance.

So Shabbos looks to be fun. Then tomorrow night I'm seeing The Hours with Joe and some friends of his - and maybe I'll drag someone along as well. Don't know quite yet. Happy Friday! And of course, happy Valentine's Day to all those who want to get such wishes.

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