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taxes not in texas - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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taxes not in texas
One of the most annoying things about doing taxes when you know you have a refund is when it gets extremely muddled in the directions department and you don't really feel like doing it - but you want your refund! Run-on sentence award winner for the year has just been found. New York State taxes were about a billion times more complicated than Federal taxes were. Plus, they want you to staple the W-2 form, and guess who is lacking a stapler? Go figure.

This really nice guy from the shul has been treating me to coffee in the mornings at Starbucks and this morning, for a change, I made it my treat. I had money on my Starbucks card. Then since someone left a copy of the New York Times I was able to give it to my roommate, who had to be prompted for a "thank you". Kind of like when you're a kid, and one of your parents has to tell you to say thank you to Mister Grocovici or whatever except that in this case, we're talking about someone in his late thirties who should actually know to say thank you.

Especially since said someone used to complain about former roommates who did not say thank you, or please for that matter.

Never mind that. I'm going to Ohr Somayach in a few days and I'm pretty excited. Things are going well with Sandra although I miss her a lot when we're apart and sometimes I wish the whole us being really together could just, well, start. I really think we're good for each other.

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