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let the terror begin! - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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let the terror begin!
...or not. According to an article in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, the reason that John of Patmos, the presumed author of the book of 'revelations' used 666 as the 'mark of the beast' is because it was the gematria of the vile Nero Caesar (spelled in the greek way) is precisely 666. Apparently John was a big follower of gematria.

Gematria, if you are not aware, is taking every letter of a name and adding up the numerological value that is ascribed to that letter. You can read more about gematria here if you would like.


Regardless of the year today is significant because it is the historical anniversary of the most successful military (or at least one of them) which is the Battle of Normandy. Back then, when a war was over, it actually ended.

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