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125th anniversary red cross

well despite recent controversies it is without a doubt one of the most helpful organizations in this country as far as helping the needy and victims of natural disasters.

I had a great day today with my brother, lisa, and some friends, doing all kinds of fun stuff in seattle. had allison been working I surely would have stopped by her store but she was not so I did not.

I got to check out the ace hotel which is, believe you me, one of the most amazing hotels I have ever had the pleasure of being in, and I have been in some pretty awesome places in like spain and the like. My brother told me it was one of the cheaper hotels but it looked super expensive on their web site. On the other hand, I got a complimentary bowl of cereal and a couple of cups of tea while visiting - teaosophy tea, no less.

saw american dreamz tonigh though was hoping to see monica for her bearthday. happy 18th monica! the trouble begins now! :)
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