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saturday night live theory

Every week about a dozen or so sketches don't make the final cut, and there are dozens more that don't even make the dress rehearsal.

Many people complain that SNL plays out the joke of a sketch until it has worn out its welcome, as it were. SNL has even poked fun at this in a few sketches.

Here is my formula for a 'new and improved' SNL for the laughs of tomorrow.

s = sketch(es) d = duration l = laughs


s * d = l


1.5s * .75d = 3l

Having one and a half times more sketches at 3/4 of the length would make for three times more laughs.

2s * 1/2d = 10l

Having twice as many sketches which are half as long makes for ten times the laughs.

This graph more or less should explain it all:


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