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job hunting CONTINUES still

Well, I'm sitting in my room, in New York, and I'm feeling frigid. It's not as cold as it was before - I covered up the air conditioner which was letting a lot of cold air in.

The trip to Cleveland was once again quite nice. Things are still undecided about the "is this going to work out", so to speak, but - well, I'd like it to. Sandra got me an interlinear siddur, so I have the English translation right underneath the Hebrew - it's weird, because even though I'm not reading the English it still enters my mind as I'm reading the Hebrew. It's almost like reading a foreign language you don't understand out loud (which is what Hebrew is to me) and having somebody whisper the translation in your ear as you are reading it, so you immediately understand it, word by word. Funny, that.

The job hunting, it continues. I'm just about ready to go into Starbucks and, well, apply for a job there. At least I know the product well enough.

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