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new shampoo

I thought that the Suave shampoo was okay for passover - or white rain? Something like that. It's not on the big list this year so johnson's baby shampoo it will have to be.

Brandon had 'match game' at the corner inn and I ended up losing which was okay with me because I can't eat at Abbondanza anyhow - can't wait to live in a city where I have numerous kosher options again, including mama spielberg's place.

Vampire Bear is excited about The Little Vampire being on television. He is not shomer shabbos so he can watch it if he wants to. I have received some pretty strong criticism of his blog, incidentally. Can you give me your honest opinion on it? Even if this means telling me you think it's ridiculous / too obscure or weird to look at, tell me. I need to know. I just dropped $80 on postcards, magnets, rubber stamps, and business cards.
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