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oh google

when will you start working with us properly? I have spoken with google representitives numerous times over the last few weeks but they neither seem to be able to do what my client is requesting nor let me know that they aren't able to do it, or updating me on what's going on.

In brighter news, I have started a trial subscription to netflix - all the items in the queue are... Dark Shadows.

I'm excited about the trip to Los Angeles even though it is a little more than two months away. I just know that this is going to be the jewish community upgrade that I need to get me more jewishly motivated. Sitting at home eating soy bologna on brown rice cakes with mustard and mayonaise while watching corrie isn't anyone's idea of fun.

Speaking of soaps, the last week or so of EastEnders has been incredible. American soap producers (DOOL and all) need to be sat down with a dvd with the last week of episodes and forced to watch. It has been quite gripping, particularly the johnny vs. phil crime drama that has been going on. Embarassingly enough I bought 50 postcard fitting envelopes to be able to get 25 autographed photographs for the times when I will surely want one. I'm thinking Juley and Johnny right now because I think they're both leaving. Maybe even Bradley?

Oh! Last note - musical note and all - I got the new morrissey and flaming lips, both on itunes - have been loving them both so far.
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