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MORE computer fun :)

I got to my computer this morning to find out it had 'no operating system'. When I restarted the computer it started restarting over and over again, and finally I had to turn off the computer again.

This shabbos looks to be good. This last week was exhausting. Super Princess Peach is one of the best platform games since SMB3. I'm serious. Everyone needs to get it and a ds if you don't have one already - or just wait for the DS light to come out.

I got a bill from the health insurance company and it would appear I am to pay a large amount of money because I didn't realize my plan covered nothing but emergency room stuff. I should have gotten my insurance over the phone and not on the computer so I could have just told them what I wanted. :( Shoot. Live and learn. I am almost tempted to outright cancel my insurance since my doctor said he won't probably need to see me for another 5 years. But you know what happens when you cancel your health insurance - you suddenly need it.
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