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a bit more detail

...since nothing really significant happened today other than a whole bunch of work and some cleaning... oh, and getting SUPER PRINCESS PEACH!!! That game has thusfar been extremely awesome.

So I woke up early because I couldn't sleep and noticed that the computer was being a little sluggish. These system errors kept on popping up telling me that files weren't being written which didn't make sense because I hadn't requested those files to be written. I tried shutting down the computer but it was taking two goobillion years. Not literally, of course. When I did a cold reset it took a long time again and I tried another cold reset. Suddenly there was a severe system error, telling me that the system file was corrupt - and would I please insert the windows cd??

I would have been more than happy to oblige, only my computer came with windows xp pre-installed. Fortunately I had a spare computer handy and spent about two or three hours trying to find a solution. It finally came up on one of those sites that helps you optimize windows, with a burnable iso. It took me only three or four tries to get it right.

Guess what ended up fixing my computer? The CHKDSK utility. Pretty sad, I think. It was another two hours before my computer was fully functional. Alas.
Tags: computers

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