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I think I've reached a point in watching too many soap operas. It was one thing when it was just old 2002 episodes of Coronation Street. I have, incidentally, burned August 2005-February 2006 burned on dvd and thanks to the wonders of the print-on-dvd, I have dvds with Steve MacDonald, Charlie Stubbs, Jason, Chesney, Jack Duckworth, Martin Platt, and two of just the street. Pretty sad.

The reason I mention oversaturation is the fact that I started downloading episodes of the show Emmerdale. I have downloaded every episode that has aired in March in the UK but have yet to watch a single one of them. It is doing wonders for my ratio, however. See, when you use uknova you're expected to ideally upload at least as much as you download. I try to be the best so I try to upload significantly more than I download. There's a trick to starting a download very soon after it becomes available - the sooner you download a file, the longer it will be relevant for download and the more you will be able to upload to your peers. This could be why at the present moment I have downloaded 92 gigabytes versus my 218 uploaded.

Today I wore my threadless Dark Side of the Garden shirt and as I did the last time I wore it, I got a handful of compliments on it. People like the idea of Darth Vader gardening for some reason. :) The comment, incidentally, came at an Apple store, where they no longer seem to want to stock good quality protective sleeves for the ipod photo - only the ipod video now. I don't want to put my ipod in something that looks like everyone else's ipod protection because with my luck, someone will pick it up thinking it's their own. I need something that says Gordon Davidescu. Something distinctly me. Maybe a Coronation Street Ipod holder? :P

I'm starting to put up some more icons since I'm apparently going to be getting more every few months now.
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