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My bologna is completely nameless. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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My bologna is completely nameless.
It really disturbs me seeing Arby's advertisements wherein they proclaim that their chicken is now 100% organic and all natural. As opposed to what? It's almost like saying, "We used to serve rubbish, but thanks to your patronage we can afford to serve you proper food now."

I've been rather enjoying seeing Frasier on Lifetime, getting things that I just didn't know anything about the first time I saw it 12 years ago. Quite funny it is, really - but how would I have known where Issaquah was?

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randomsnarking From: randomsnarking Date: le 09 mars 2006 09:36 (UTC) (Lien)
As an Arby's employee I can verify the following:

The chicken is made without additives, filler, or preservatives. Then pressed and frozen for months at a time. It cooks for six minutes at 350 degrees in the fryer...the same fryer we cook fish in. But the fish is going away after we sell the remaining stock, about 150 fillets. But the chicken's a tasty product, leaps and bounds better than the filler-and-breading mystery patty we were selling for years. And the grilled version is quite tasty...if pressed, frozen, and then microwaved. That being said, we charge nearly $4 for it, and the combo can run about $7, the price of a decent lunch buffet across the street at Sam's Town Casino.
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