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sales presentations - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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sales presentations
The funny thing about a sales presentation where you know you can't afford whatever they are pitching your direction is that you know that unless they are slashing prices to the point that a twenty quid note will suffice, it doesn't matter waht they say. It doesn't matter how many videos with happy couples getting the freeze frame effect on, or diaoramas that are a lot better than the ones you made in high school, or figures about how great the people love it, and how you will get a great return on investment should you decide to sell thirty years down the road.

Out of tonight's presentation we yielded a dinner for two (two people other than us because it involves treifadikah places), vacation for two (hopefully to disney world) and a $500 certificate to some online store. Hopefully - not a poor one. Probably will be, though.

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