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I've been feeling down - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
I've been feeling down
Maybe it's something to do with wanting to tend bar and not succeeding so far. I applied at one place (Elliott) only to be told I was basically too late. Had I applied sooner I surely would have gotten it.

I want to feel as though I am helping someone in some way, to cheer a person up the way that I would sometimes feel when I was at Starbucks. A month or so ago I was at the checkout queue at Target and someone who went to Starbucks at the store I worked at recognized me. How keen it was!

There's this really depressing book out there that I don't even like to think about - it's a fictional telling of the world in 2040, where the majority of the continental United States is an islamic dictatorship and cities have been obliterated through nuclear war.

I think living under the Daleks would be more pleasant. Maybe it would be equally unpleasant. They seem to have similar domination philosophies.

Speaking of which, I have been struggling with one level in advance wars 2. The sad thing is that it's like the easiest level in the whole battle map section. That's sad.

feeling: : blah bah-lue
la musique: : some chap with a red tie on bbc news

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