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Well the final tally isn't in but it looks like Madea's Family Reunion is #1 at the box office. I'm quite impressed with what Mr. Tayler Perry has done for himself. I can only hope to make my own series of plays that I have in mind (with characters recognizable from Kate of course - though the first play that I wrote was pre-Kate by a few years - I actually finished the play a year after I started Kate, but I didn't realize how the two would be interconnected.

Now I need to start on my next work - but I should polish up and get the novel ready for publication first.

I had an idea a 25 episode series that would involve two characters - already cast, of course - I had a good talk with the actress today. Picture it: Seattle, 2005. He's fed up with her, she wants to work things out. They're married and he wants a divorce, but neither can move out because they only make enough money to cover rent in their apartment. They have all sorts of issues and friends that try to help them out (over the phone of course - and you never have to hear them - but I might change my mind about that and have a few walk-on roles with little dialogue)

Can I do it before I live in 5 months? If I make the right effort!
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