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some events are planned.

The last week has had its ups and downs, I suppose you could say. I have gone to quite a number of temp agencies, and I am hoping that something will pan out from at least one of them. Particularly from when I went to the temp agency that I actually got work from in the past - I went there and basically grovelled, as it were. The gentleman I always talk to when there asked for my resume (again) and told me I should give a call on Monday. Oh, the last time I went in there in person, gave him my resume, and he told me that, I was working the next week. How wonderful that would be if that would be the case.

I'm overusing that script by marnanel which tells you who friends and unfriends you. Today I was unfriended by someone, and hence I felt slighted. One might almost suspect my journal is boring!

I'm going back to Cleveland next week. Much excitement in the air. Sandra has been sick lately. I hope she gets better soon! There's only so much comforting a person can give from a few states away.

Last night I had a cup of coffee with a guy from the shul where I pray. A funny guy, he is. I think he memorized Rilke's Letter to a young poet even better than I have. And delivered the part about having to write, the passion for writing much more... well, passionately than I ever have.

Speaking of which... I should go to write..

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