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star wars - the trivial pursuit - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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star wars - the trivial pursuit
Seeing as there probably won't be a new Star Wars film any time soon it was wise to make Trivial Pursuit based on the six films. I imagine that a Trivial Pursuit with the Clone Wars cartoon might have also been cool, and a Trivial Pursuit that included all of the books would have been near impossible to play. Tee hee. Allison was over and there was some playing.

We are now starting to watch the episodes of Coronation Street on DVD. The dvd player is funny in that it doesn't offer you a list of avi files to play but plays them in the order they were burned. This means if you burn them out of sequence it is a bad thing since every episode of coronation street starts just about the same and doesn't tell you what the date is in the titles, or the time.

I wanted to find some kosher cranberry juice but ended up finding 48oz of kosher grape juice for $4. That's about a dollar per 12 oz, which is the best deal to date. Hopefully it will also taste good.

I have been having a lot of fun with Fire Emblem. I never have enjoyed this kind of game but it has been so long since I have played them - maybe the portability makes me more keen on them.

We went to the Elliott Bay Brew-Pub - I might apply tomorrow to be a pint-puller - stay behind the bar. That would make for a good learning experience and help me develop my soap opera - which I haven't described here at all... yet.

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