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should i take a bath?

I went to the Doctor today - I didn't tell him how I really feel about Doctors, which is an entry or article unto itself. I think he would have thrown me out of his office had I told him my thoughts on doctors nowadays.

He prescribed an antibiotic. My mother told me I should take acidophilus but Elizabeth tells me I should check to make sure there won't be a negative interaction. To be on the safe side I suppose I should call tomorrow before I run over to the natural food market to get some.

I can't wait until charlie / shelly are no longer an item. In Eastender news, is it true that Ruby is coming back?

I'm just about finished with the last chapter of my novel. Who's excited?

On a totally different note, tonight I got to see the Hindi version of Andy from the 40 Year Old Virgin. His mannerisms were very similar, and I could just imagine him painting figurines at home. Hashem knows that there's a corolation between painting figurines and making... fudge.... (except he didn't say fudge.)
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