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build-a-bear II - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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build-a-bear II
The return to build-a-bear was tonight because we wanted to get a bear for Elizabeth's mother. While we were there one of the people offered to continue on Goobie Bear's makeover (it's to celebrate his 20th bearthday this year) but it ended up not happening. It will have to wait until we see Barbie at the Build-A-Bear in Lynnwood.

There's a very sad television program about teenage prostitution. I imagine that most girls in grade school do not have aspirations to have sex for money. It's all due to manipulation and tricking people and taking advantage of their vulnerability etc. So very sad.

Shabbos was indeed restful but I didn't get a nap as I thought I would. I am nearly caught up with the daf (for Pesachim, at least. I have most of Eruvin to read, still.)

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