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We had just seen The Wedding Singer, which by the way was incredible, and decided to stop at the Alderwood Mall to see what was going on at the Disney Store there since the one at Northgate closed.

Since we found nought at the disney store we ventured over to Build-A-Bear to get some new clothing for the bear we got for free from Amanda. As always we had Goobie Bear and Vampire Bear with us. Well, VB isn't always with us, and sometimes GB isn't, but they both were this time. One of the people working there noticed Goobie Bear and asked about him. This is when it got really good. She offered to perform some surgery on him - plastic surgery, I think they would call it. No charge whatsoever. I was a little hesitant but she said she had been certified in this sort of surgery and so I said it was quite okay and gave him over.

As part of the operation a small plush heart was inserted with "I love you" written on it. Awfully sweet and a completely true sentiment.

At the end of the operation, GB's neck problem was resolved (his head doesn't sag at all) and he just feels like a completely rejuvenated bear. He seems a lot happier, anyhow. Also, there was a small hole that she fixed. She assured us that if we brought him back again she would spend at least another hour or two properly fixing him up.

I was a little disappointed that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl but I guess this means good news for Kate.
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