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harold and kumar

we have been watching so much harold and kumar that i thought you might enjoy this, from one of my favourite scenes. thank goodness for finally learning to do screen captures using nought but what comes with windows.

...and a happy February 1st to you all.

Got a free wedding crashers poster because the suncoast at southcenter is closing and therefore they are super nice to those who were super nice to them in the past. A bit sad. Now I'll just have to rely on Columbia House - and Amazon, for things like that which I ordered just the other day... yes, it's finally coming to dvd...

Of course, it's La Madrastra.

On an entirely different note, the Gilmore Girls from this last Tuesday oddly reminded me of Husbands and Wives (the film). Particularly the last scene, with the handheld camera usage and the jump cuts.
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