gordond (gordond) wrote,

barbie's back

It's always a pleasure to have Barbie here.

Shabbos was fantabulous. Rabbi Schwartz had no minyan but gave an interesting d'var Torah about anger. The medrash states that during the plague of the frogs only one frog came out initially, but the Mitzrim came out and angrily clubbed it. The more they clubbed it, the more angry they got, and the more frogs came out from it. In short, the land got full of frogs because they couldn't control their temper. Had they calmly dealt with the large frog it would have been okay.

So it seems many of you really believed the Coronation Street Lottery entry I made. I can't help but wonder if this is because I was so into writing it at the time that I wrote what could really possibly happen. That would be awesome if that were to happen.

Incidentally, if you live in Canada and love Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and write fan fiction, and are shomer shabbos, I have a gift for you that I need to send your way.
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