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the amazing things that can happen with luck

Well just when I thought life was going along a certain track, a single phone call comes along and changes all of it.

A few weeks ago I entered a contest on ITV's web site - a trivia contest related to Coronation Street, with the grand prize being a one year contract on the show, with the salary being directly related to how many people enter (and pay the five pound entry fee.)

I knew most of the answers to the questions and looked up a couple that I didn't know. The official rules didn't say anything about looking up the answers online or elsewhere.

Today, I got a phone call from Granada - I won! More than twenty thousand people entered the contest, which means that I'll be getting over one hundred thousand pounds for my year's stay in Manchester. My two concerns were, of course, jewish observance and Elizabeth. They told me they would contact the beis din and get back to me.

An hour later, they called back. They assured me that they would work with the beis din to make sure not only that I would have no problems with jewish observance (telling me where the kosher chippy is and all) but the beis din has agreed, on the basis of Elizabeth's experience learning in New York, to complete the conversion process. Not only that but since the role doesn't start until August, I don't have to worry about the lease or anything. They're even paying moving costs! Plus, they're more than happy to find a hospital or clinic for Elizabeth to work in. Ah, of course, there is a catch

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