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good new year so far

Wow. It has been such a great new year so far. The trip to Cleveland went so well that I'm going back there in a couple of weeks. I'm going to be looking for work there so that I can move over and live near Sandra. I guess you could say that things really are going in that direction. I didn't think they would be, but they are! She really cares about me a lot and my writing and is so encouraging. She gave me a ring with her name on it in Hebrew and as soon as I get a nice enough chain I can put it around my neck, how keen.

I saw The Lion King at the IMAX on 68th and Broadway with my friends Sarah and Jessica. To think, at one point I was interested in each of them. How things change in time. A year ago I was in Jerusalem, studying. Now I'm getting ready to possibly go to Cleveland, which would also involve a good amount of learning. That would be quite nice, I think. And it would also involve a good marriage, G-d willing.

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