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maury on mlk / threadless monday

One day I'd love to see the following on the Maury Pauvich show.

Scenario: James is certain that he is not the father of Felicia's baby boy Tyrone. He claims that she frequently has so many partners, she cannot distinguish one from from another.

Maury: We have the results right here.
Felicia: We can't wait, Maury
Maury: In the case of baby Tyrone... James... you are the father.

There is silence.

Felicia: (calmly) You know, ah, I hate to say that I told you so, but I really did.
James: (slightly nervous) I'm just, you know, shocked. I mean, I really thought that I wasn't the father of the child but ahm, it appears that I am. I suppose we should begin our lives anew as responsible parents.
Felicia: Cheers, James. Excellent idea.
James: Let's get a sitter for the night and go to the pub so we can celebrate our newfound unity.
Felicia: Pints on you, James.

Here's the 12 month club this month. I'm so excited because it's by the artist who did Robot Derby Girl

Threadless.com Submission - the mystery of mission 5

Mmm.... want some potassium?

Threadless.com Product - Potassium Alkaline

Just as the world turns... so this world is turning on the shirt.

Threadless.com Product - As The World Turns

I can't believe that they reprinted the rainbow vomiting clown but still no sign of Robot Derby Girl
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