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A story I told over just now by e-mail

There's this gentleman writing a book about the experience of being a barista at Starbucks and he is soliciting stories so I sent him this : it's the story that is quite possibly my favorite thing that happened to me at Starbucks, and one I told at just about every corporate interview - stinker I didn't get a job. I have been told to keep applying. Hmm.

It was a relatively quiet evening. The shift supervisor and one of my colleagues had gone to the back to do something inventory related. A woman and her daughter came in and ordered a white chocolate mocha and a frappuccino of some sort. I rang them up and went over to start making their drinks. As I had just started steaming the milk, I saw a gentleman starting to bring a bag of coffee beans up to the counter. I called to the back but I think they must not have heard me. I then told the gentleman that I would be right with him.

I quickly poured the frappucino mix and ice into a blender and started blending and started pulling the shots that I would need for the White Chocolate Mocha. As the shots started to come down, I dashed over to the gentleman and rang up his bag of beans, thanked him for coming in and ran back over to the bar where I was just in time to pour the shots into the cup and make the drink. I then finished off the drink with whipped cream and poured the frappuccino and finished it off as well. I handed the drinks off and thanked the woman and wished them a good night.

The gentleman who had purchased the beans hadn't left the store yet and had witnessed just about all of this. He called me over and said, "That was amazing. You were running back and forth and helping both of us out and on top of all that, the smile never left from your face!"
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